10 Ways To Use Led String Lights

Led String Lights

Have you ever thought about using led string lights to decorate your home or room? You may have, but what about using it as everyday decor?

I know you might be thinking, who uses led string lights every day? Especially in broad daylight? Well, stay with me till the end of this blog, and you might get some artistic ideas to use your led lights differently this time! After all, everyone gets tired of using the same old technique!

So for this DIY project, you will need some led string lights, maybe an artistic mind, and last but not least, patience! A lot! We have discussed so many ideas before to decorate any living space, which shows we never run out of creativity! So grab your bag and all the things that you need, and let’s get started!

First of all, let me tell you that you can even decorate your led string light yourself or if you don’t have time for that you can buy them too!

Led string lights on your wall!

This is not a rule, but it’s better to start it from the walls. Massive walls often need some wall art to look more appealing, or you can paint them with your favorite color, but here’s a different idea this time! You can install some led string lights on your wall to make it look more lively and aesthetic!

Create a sign language with led string lights!

Hang them on the wall as it is or creates alphabets or signs with them. These led lights you are using as decor can be your sign language too!

A different touch to your ceiling!

Just like twinkle twinkle little stars, you can install your led lights to your ceiling and complete the rest of the poem!

Save some led string lights for your room!

No, we don’t forget our room! If you are already emphasizing something in your room, then brighten up your mirror or windows with some string lights too. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

What about led lights chandeliers?

Just as it sounds amusing, it looks amusing too. Led lights are great at creating beautiful illusions; therefore, you might want to decorate your existing chandelier with string lights and show it off just the way you want!

DIY Lamps!

Now the most accessible and exciting thing to do with lights. Grab some old glass bottles and paint them with light colors. Done? Fill them up with as many string lights as you want! The moment of truth is here.. Isn’t it plain classy and beautiful? I bet it is!

Brighten up your childhood memories

You may be thinking, how would this work? Well, find some of your old photos, preferably childhood, the one with parents and siblings and childhood friends. Then, clip those photos with string lights and place them on the wall of memory! This one is my personal favorite btw.

Decorate your kid’s nursery

Just like every other room and corner of your house, your children’s nursery needs attention too. So what are you waiting for? Nursery is the cutest place to use string lights. Bring the night sky into the nursery and see the magic. I mean, if these tiny little lights can make you happy, then think about kids. They’ll be jumping with happiness!

Mirror mirror NOT on the wall!

If you have that giant ornate mirror, then I envy you already! Just kidding. If you have that mirror, you know the rest. Decorate it with colorful string lights and create magic while dressing up for a party.

Tree on the wall?

Don’t get confused! I’m not going to ask you to sketch a tree on your wall, but if you didn’t like the idea of installing lights casually on your wall, then you can tangle some of the string lights and combine them to create a tree. You can make anything with tangled strings and attach them to the wall. Not a bad idea, though!

So here you go! These are the ten different ways to use your string lights! Would you like to use these ideas?

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