How to decorate candles?

decorate candles

How to decorate candles? People might have stopped using candles around the house, but the good thing about candles is that they never go out of style. You can use them anytime and anywhere. The market is flooded with different sorts of candles. Some of them are just showpieces, while other candles are used for meditation purposes. If you like aromatic candles, then I have good news for you. Aromatic candles help to lift your mood and reduce anxiety.

Candle Decoration Ideas For Home!

There are many ways to decorate your home by using candles. But if you are into DIY hacks and like to experiment with things often, you should know the basic rules of doing it.

Just in case if you are thinking of renovating your home, you might need these ideas to decorate wisely. It is easy to put simple candles in every corner of your home. What if I say, let’s decorate candles?

I know you can buy already decorated candles from the market, but you can’t buy that fun you will have while trying to decorate candles with DIY hacks.

Aromatic Glass Wax Candle to Reduce Your Anxiety

As I said before, scented candles can help you to relax your mind and body.

You can use some aromatic candles to reduce your stress. These candles come in every style and are almost decorated, so you won’t have to decorate them all along. Just light it up to relax because we have a lot of work to do. So we are going to decorat by ourselves.

Decorate Candles with Ribbons

Remember when we were kids, and we loved to have those candy canes stick candies? We can’t have that time back, but we can create a fake candy cane effect with our candles using just one thing, and that would be a simple red ribbon! Just twirl it around a candle to create stripes.  

Decorate Candles with Cinnamon Sticks!

This might be the easiest one to decorate candles with. Just buy some sticks of cinnamon, shape them according to the size of your candle and wrap them around. It will look good and smell good at the same time!

Decorate Candles for a Birthday Party

Are you having a birthday party? A perfect event to show your creativity. You can lighten up your room with just a few candles. All you need is glue and some glitters. And a candle, of course!

Start with wrapping those parts you don’t want to cover with glitters. And apply glue on the rest and sprinkle different colours of glitter. Make sure the layer is thick. Let it sit overnight to dry. And you have your customized candles! You can decorate these candles according to your theme.

Decorate candles for your bedroom

What is better than having photos of your loved ones all around your bedroom? But this time, we are splitting frames with candles to decorate candles with your pictures on them. You can even create a present for your loved ones out of it.

Decorate Candles for your Living Room

Since we are using candles in the bedroom, we should decorate candles for the living room too. Do you have a fireplace? It’s okay if you don’t because we are going to make one for you. You need some pillar candles of different lengths and a mantle. Place those candles beneath the mantle and light them up when you need them. And now you have a DIY faux fireplace at your home!

Decorate Candles inside a Mason Jar

As simple as it sounds. Grab some crystals, candles and a mason jar! Place a candle inside a jar and fill it with crystals. Just for fun, you can buy coloured crystals too.

Decorate candles with jewels and beads

This one is my personal favourite. You can decorate anything using old jewels. Therefore we are going to use it to decorate our candles. How? Well, get your hands on some beads and gems and glue them to your candle. You can stick them in a pattern or not. That is your call!

Choose a perfect holder for your plain candles!

Last but not least. As long as the candle is simple, we have room for different ideas. But we will need candle holders afterwards. You can make one for yourself or buy some elegant holders online. 

What about a metallic glass candle holder? It is perfect for any white and plain candle. But if you want to decorate colourfully specifically, then It’s easy to paint a simple candle.

You can even use floating candles with these glasses.

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