This privacy policy has all the information related to personal information that we at Lavish Home Décor collect to assist you in numerous ways. This privacy policy also describes the process through which we collect the information, use it to access our customers, and disclose this information by following all the legal terms, conditions, and procedures.

Simply, we have described all the information related to personally identifiable information in this privacy policy. If you do not agree with these terms of the privacy policy, we recommend you not to use this site.

Personal Information

Lavish home décor collects only personal information in a few cases. First, if you want to register yourself with the website, we ask for some information from you. Conversely, you need to provide some personal information when you complete the form. Third, in the case of ordering products and services, it is essential to provide some information to deliver your order to your doorstep. We collect this information whether you complete the order online or offline.

Non-personal Information

As it is necessary for us at Lavish Home Décor to collect some non-personal information in which operating system, browser type, the domain name from which you access us, and IP address are included. More importantly, we collect information related to date and time, browsing behavior, your spending time on our website, specific pages that you visited, how many times you return to the website, and many other click-stream information and data.


Cookies play a significant role in collecting all non-personal information we have discussed before. Generally, a cookie file will be a small text file that we develop on your hard drive to store some of your information. Cookies help us monitor site usage, provide the users with customized advertising and content, and conduct research for our services and content.

However, you can decline cookies as we always require your permission to install cookies on your system. If you decline, we restrict you only to using a few features. Our help menu has everything related to required browsers and cookie preferences.

Access to Information You Provide to Us

Whenever you provide personal information to our website, we allow you to access this information when you want to change it, update, or remove it. If you are interested, you only need to send us an email at our email address or send us a message through our contact us page.

Use of Information

Generally, we use this information only in a few ways. More importantly, we use your information in those cases where the law permits us. For example, we need your information to deliver your orders to your doorstep. We also need your personal information for keeping you informed about the offers we want to mention and advertise on the website. Another important aspect is that we use your information for inclusion in promotional and informational materials.

In some cases, we also send you some information through marketing publications, marketing materials, affiliations, and offers. Our subsidiaries may also send you some marketing materials using the information you provided to us. We also use your personal information to contact you when required or ask for a review of our website.

These are some events or marketing situations where we use your personal information. However, we also use your information to address your problems related to our services or products and provide you required security during site integration.

Disclosure of Information

Here are some details to inform you about disclosing your personal information:

We disclose your personal information to our employees. The reason is that they use your information for different marketing, promotional, and informational purposes. The same scenario is with contractors, consultants, service providers, subsidiaries, suppliers, affiliates, and business associates. They use your personal information to fulfill requirements about services and products.

We may also access your information if there is a violation of the terms and conditions defined by us for using our website information. Sometimes, we may also use your personal information to respond to the judicial process when courts order to provide them with some details. Last but not least is that we can use your personal information if we transfer the rights of our website to a new owner while transferring assets.


We have designed some specific and specialized procedures to keep your personal information protected and safe. This way, you do not need to worry about hacking or unauthorized use of your information. For more details, you can send us a query, and we will update you about the procedures, techniques, and tools that we use for data security.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Changes are always required on every page and every level. Our privacy policy is not different because we change it from time to time. When we plan to do so, we will post the changes in privacy policy when we think so. However, we are not bound to inform you every time we change our privacy policy.

It does not mean that we do not mention it before changes, as we give appropriate online notice before implementing changes. We only mention here that we are not bound to do so. The best practice is that you need to visit our privacy policy regularly.

Contact Us

If you still have queries, suggestions, feedback, or concerns about our privacy policy, send us an email at or send a message through our Contact Us page.